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How can handyman help?

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With Regular license you can create one end-project for yourself or your client. With Extended license you get extra services from our team like Full installation and setup, App uploads.
We always want our customers to succeed with their projects. Even though the support is not included as per the license agreement, We provide Free tech support for 6 months from date of purchase.
Ready our support detailed policy here:
Yes, you will get all the future updates for free once you buy this product.
Yes, we take up selective project and customization work.

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You get full source code for Flutter Apps, Laravel Admin panel & website, and Figma File for App and User website.


The handyman script supports two types of earning system as follows
Commission Based. As soon as you add services they will be visible on the service list.
Subscription-Based. The services will be shown only when the provider has subscribed to one of the plans he had chosen. So, the service will be added but not shown in the list because none of the providers has subscribed to the plan, once the provider will subscribe then it will be shown in the list.
This option can be enabled by the admin from the admin panel.
Let say you are a Provider. Now, when a Customer book a service, You can assign a Handyman to do the job or you can assign yourself immediately.
Accept or Decline comes in the picture, when your assigned Handyman is not able to do the job at the moment for some reason, so he will decline the request and then you as Provider will be able to assign another Handyman or yourself for that Booking.
Below accounts are needed. Provider, Handyman, Customer.
Yes, it has multi-language support, so the app can be user-friendly, but in the mobile application, only static text is translated, dynamic text from the API is not.
Yes, OneSignal handles push notifications for the system. If you only want to notify users and not handymen or providers, you can do so from the admin panel.
Provider can manage their services. when a Customer book a service, Provider will get a notification. Now, Provider will assign a Handyman to complete the service. Then, Handyman will contact to Customer and go to their place and complete the job.
If Provider does not have any Handyman under him or Provider wants to work without Handyman, Provider can assign himself to the Booking and act as a Handyman. for more detail


Yes, you can implement a custom payment gateway into the system. But will have to see if it's supported in flutter.
Firebase Firestore Database is used to chat between handyman, provider and customer.
When you post your job, every Provider will be notified, and you can choose your desired Provider for the job done. You can have look to the flow we have provided
This means that the user can enable their current location and determine whether the requested services are within the radius. The admin can set the Radius in Miles or Km from the admin panel.


This feature is already available in our script as Documents, which can be found in the Admin Panel sidebar, where Admin can enter the list of documents required by each Provider. Now the Provider must upload the documents from the edit profile section, and the Admin can view and approve them from the panel.
The wallet system is for only providers and it works with only a commission-based system. The basic flow of the wallet system is that the admin adds the wallet for the provider. if the user books the service of a particular provider and pays then the admin can decide the commission amount to the provider from his/her wallet.
Yes, the provider has the ability to add, update and delete the handyman.
The commission will be set for the Provider as per the Provider Type.
Once the booking has been done the admin will payout the decided amount based on commission to their Provider.
No,a handyman needs to be in online mode to get bookings from a provider.
Yes, incase of handymen are not available, providers can assign the booking to themself.


This can be added after the booking has been completed; it works in the same way that they have proof that the work has been completed effectively. Furthermore, the client or provider cannot blame the handyman for any work-related issues.
There are two statuses: Online and Offline. These statuses inform their respective providers whether they are available for work or not.
Yes, reviews are an important feature for handymen because they allow them to work more efficiently and effectively.
The commission will be set for the Handyman as per the Handyman Type.
Once the booking has been done the Provider payout the decided amount based on commission to their Handyman.